We are pleased to extend to you and your company the opportunity to exhibit and sponsor events at the 2019 IEEE International Pulsed Power and Plasma Science Conference (PPPS).

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Being a conference exhibitor or sponsor is a tremendous way to expose your company to a broad spectrum of industrial, government, and university organizations and a way to prospect for both immediate and future business. Your competitors will likely be there and we sincerely hope you will too! Please see the Exhibitor and Sponsorship Prospectus for specific details on how your company can participate. There are limited exhibitor booths and sponsor events available and you are therefore encouraged to sign up as soon as possible in order to receive your preferred choices. Priority for booth location and event sponsorship choices will be given on a first come, first served basis based on the receipt date of the application and accompanying reservation deposit.

Online Exhibitor Registration

The figure below shows the booth layout planned in the Exhibits area in the Universal Center Exhibit Hall. Thirty (30) booths have been arranged in this space. All poster sessions and food and beverage breaks will be held in the Exhibit Hall to maximize the attendee traffic through the exhibitor space.

Exhibitor Booth Locations

Each booth will include a 7’ (2.1 m) high draped back wall and 3’ (0.9 m) high draped side rails, one 6’ (1.8 m) draped table, two contour chairs, and one wastebasket, and a 7” x 44” (0.2 x 1.1 m) single line, company identification sign. Please see the Exhibitor and Sponsorship Prospectus for more information about how you can be part of PPPS 2019. If you have any questions, please contact Richard Ness at rness1@ieee.org.

When you are ready to reserve a booth and plan to make the booth registration deposit by credit card or wire transfer, please use the link below to access the conference registration system.

Online Exhibitor Registration

On the first page of this registration system, please enter the name and e-mail fields and then select “Exhibitor” for membership status. Continue through the next few pages with personal/contact information, IEEE policy acceptance, and registration questions. On the next page, you will have an option to purchase a conference banquet ticket for $25/person. Please be aware that the conference banquet will be on Thursday, June 27, 2019 which is after the exhibitor exhibition will close (on Wednesday, June 26). On the following page, please add the information for the second individual who will utilize the second complementary conference registration. Payment is then done on the next page to complete the registration.

If you plan to reserve a booth and intend to make the booth registration deposit payment by check, please fill out the form on the last page of the exhibitor prospectus and forward that with the check to the address at the bottom of the form. Once again, please be aware that booth selection is done on a first come, first served basis determined by receipt of the registration information and the booth deposit payment.

PPPS 2019 Exhibitor Booth Assignments

Booth # Exhibitor Website
1 Tera Analysis Ltd.  
2 Advanced Energy Industries, Inc.  
3 Silicon Power Corporation  
4 Stangenes Industries, Inc.  
5 HVR Advanced Power Components  
6 Northrup Grumman (NGIS)  
7 5S Components, Inc.  
9 Eagle Harbor Technologies, Inc. https://www.eagleharbortech.com/
10 Tech-X Corporation  
11 GMW Associates http://gmw.com/
12 Applied Physical Electronics L.C.  
16 Dean Technology, Inc.  
17 General Atomics Electromagnetic Systems http://www.ga.com/
18 Diversified Technologies, Inc.  
19 Spellman High Voltage Electronics Corp.  
20 Dielectric Sciences, Inc./Essex X-Ray  
21 TDK-Lambda Americas  
24 VR Electronics Co. Ltd.  
25 Scandinova Systems, Inc.  
26 Metglas, Inc.  
27 NWL, Inc. - Capacitor Division  
28 Jema Energy http://www.jemaenergy.com/
29 Suematsu Electronics, Ltd.  
30 Pearson Electronics, Inc.  

PPPS 2019 Exhibitors

Eagle Harbor Technologies, Inc. GMW Associates General Atomics Eagle Harbor Technologies, Inc.