The topic of the 2019 PPPS Minicourse is Theoretical and Computational Methods in Plasma Physics. This minicourse will be held June 22-23, 2018, which is the weekend prior to the main PPPS conference. The deadline to register for participation in the minicourse is May 3, 2019. Additional registration information will be posted here soon.


  • Venkattraman Ayyaswamy (UC Merced) Providing closure to the modified Paschen curve: The role of Monte Carlo simulations
  • Radha Bahukutumbi (LLE) Hydrodynamic simulations of High Energy Density Plasmas
  • Lee Collins (LANL) Density Functional Simulations of the Characteristics of  Warm, Dense Matter Regime 
  • Nicholas Ouart (NRL) Modeling non-LTE Plasmas for X-ray Spectroscopy
  • Howard Scott (LLNL) Understanding and using non-LTE atomic and radiation kinetics for plasma modeling
  • Charles Seyler (Cornell University) Hall Physics in HED Plasmas: Methods and Results
  • Brian Spears (LLNL) Deep learning: techniques for practitioners in the plasma sciences
  • Steve Swanekamp (NRL) Computational methods for the modeling of pulsed-power devices and applications
  • Petros Tzeferacos (U. Chicago) A tutorial on HEDP modeling with FLASH: How to design and interpret laboratory experiments using numerical simulations
  • Dale Welch (Voss Scientific) PIC methods and results in plasma simulations